By Philip Miseldine

SQL Server 2005 Express is not Yukon Beta 2

By Philip Miseldine

Hope you’ve all been enjoying downloading and playing with the new Express range of Visual Studio.NET tools.

One thing to note, however, is that the SQL Server 2005 Express product is NOT Yukon, with all the lovely features that brings. Instead, it’s the successor to MSDE 2000, so, don’t get too excited!


  • I’ve found it closer to Yukon than to MSDE 2000. Sure it doesn’t have a lot of the more advanced features, but it does have a UI, which is fantastic.

    Raise your hand if you hated mdsesetup.exe -myDB2 -sa:hello -sap:pass

    … Or whatever variant your deployment used. Ugh. Very good move, again.

  • Wallym

    What I said is that Sql Express 2k5 is not Yukon Beta 2. Yukon Beta 2 is still a couple of weeks away.

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