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Sorry, Your Instagram Shots Are Just Okay

By SitePoint Offers

Sorry, your Instagram shots are just okay

Move over, Annie Leibovitz—SitePoint-approved pro photographer coming through. Okay, so you might not be stealing any jobs away from Annie after you grab our Pro Digital Photographer & Photoshop Bundle. But you will pick up new skills, polish old ones, and learn how to take (and edit) amazing photos. Get the bundle for $29 and save 96%!

Get over 30 hours of training in manual photography and Photoshop. Developed by leading pro photographers, the course will take you through every button and setting on your camera, help you master exposure, and teach you the ins and outs of night photography, travel photography, portrait photography, fashion shoots, and more. Then, polish up your shots with Photoshop skills like whitening teeth, giving them a magazine look, and adjusting color. This course will even teach you how to set up your own photography business, should you decide to go pro.

Grab the Pro Digital Photographer & Photoshop Bundle for $29 at SitePoint Shop!

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