By Andrew Tetlaw

Sometimes the Smallest Amount of Help is Greatly Appreciated

By Andrew Tetlaw

As a web professional it’s often easy to forget how steep those first few steps on the learning curve were. I was recently tasked with assisting a customer, Josh, who had bought the SitePoint book Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS. He was having a problem getting his images to display. It was a simple matter of getting the path in the src attribute correct and it took several emails back and forth before he was able to figure it out.

It’s the sort of problem that is very easy to solve if you know how, but extremely frustrating if you don’t understand what’s going wrong. Josh was so appreciative that he offered to draw me as a cartoon; it turns out that he’s a professional illustrator/cartoonist. So I sent him a photo and you can see the result below.

Inspired by the book, Josh’s very first website, Big Pencil Design, is now live too.

So, don’t begrudge someone a little help, you may be rewarded for your patience in a most unexpected way!

A caricature of Andrew smiling at his computer desk, monitor flaming, printer paper flying

  • Sojan80

    Pretty cool… It’s almost a straight up call out to Office Space, except I don’t see the red Swingline stapler on your desk.. I do however see the paper eating printer that always shows the infamous PC LOAD LETTER error…

  • So, don’t begrudge someone a little help, you may be rewarded for your patience in a most unexpected way!

    Words to live by, indeed. Also, it turns out that if you can’t explain the fundamentals well to someone who doesn’t understand them, you probably need a refresher course yourself. I try to do this on IRC when I’m about, and I’m constantly infuriated by the sheer number of people giving smart-ass answers instead of helpful ones. Sigh….

    Nobody cares how witty you are if you’re not actually answering their questions, and few people asking these questions are interested in being given a fish. They’d rather be taught how to fish.

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