Solid, Sassy, and Dynamic: Designing and Coding in Ruby

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How to Sass up Your Rails

Sass is a meta-language, that has redefined CSS for programmers around the world. Not only does it supplement CSS, it brings out the fun in web designing. This article serves as a solid introduction to those wanting to know more about it.

A SOLID Start: Ruby and the Single Responsibility Principle

It’s not a set of rigid rules, nor the only guideline group you should use; nevertheless, SOLID is an excellent starting point, and should influence the way you design and code software from hereon. In this article, you’re introduced to the five SOLID principles.

Dynamic JVM: JRuby versus Groovy

Many people that knock Java make the mistake of mixing up the Java language with the Java platform. Sure, the Java language is verbose; it lacks closures and mixins for starters. But the JVM is freaking awesome. It’s blazing fast and runs everywhere, as well as having multiple garbage collectors, native threads, and great monitoring tools. Read on to find out all about it.

Deploying with Unicorn, Nginx, and Capistrano

It’s easy enough to create a Rails app, but what do you do once your app is ready for production, and you want to deploy to the cloud? Benjamin covers what you need to do.


There’s always a ton going on in Rubyland, so before we’re overcome by a link avalanche, here’s a bit of what’s been happening.

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