Software Freedom Day – September 10

By Blane Warrene

Software Freedom Day is this Saturday, with events around the globe. The event hopes to promote the value to be found in the use of open source and free software.

Some press reports suggest much of the activity will occur in and around Asia with less exposure in Europe and the Americas. Of course, open source fever has caught on seemingly more widespread in Asia and Australia – however – there are no shortage of FOSS adopters elsewhere with events slated for the weekend.

The concept surely helps newcomers of all stripes as there is a focus on several levels:

  • Personal users
  • Small and medium business
  • and the corporate enterprise

The teams are encourage to hold workshops and labs with hands on access to open source platforms as well as growing the unique social ‘community’ bond found in the open source sphere.

  • I know that the day was celebrated in at least three sites in South Africa, with the public getting free CDs, installation help and information. It is good to see OSS breaking into the mainstream through initiatives like this.

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