How You Can Maximize Your Social Media Time in Only 15 Minutes Per Day – Part 2

By Alyssa Gregory

TwitterIn my previous post, I shared the tricks I use to limit the time I spend on my blog and reading RSS feeds in order to accomplish more, connect quicker and make myself more visible with less work and time.

Now, I will cover the second half of my bag of tricks, focusing on what I do to spend less time with Twitter and Facebook without missing out on anything vital.


Check In on VIPs: When I start work in the morning, Twitter is one of the first places I check-in for the day and do a quick scan to catch up. I have been using HootSuite since I reviewed the new release last month and have found that the columns/tabs feature streamline my ability to separate out the people I want to follow more closely and keep an eye on any tweets mentioning me.

Keep it Open: I am very lucky to work concurrently on two computers (Mac and Windows machines). This allows me to keep HootSuite running constantly without interfering with other work that I am doing. It’s always open and takes me just seconds to look over and refresh the screen.

Search Constantly: I have a tab in HootSuite dedicated to searching, so there is no extra work necessary when its time to run though my standard search terms.

Ignore It: This is where the discipline comes in. I can easily find myself distracted if I attempt to keep an eye on Twitter activity peripherally, so I force myself to ignore it for large chunks of time to focus on work. I let myself peek in throughout the day, but probably spend less than three minutes total actively engaged in Twitter each day.


Scan the Timeline Quickly: If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, there may be a lot of noise to wade through. Once a day, I use less than 30 seconds to take a quick look at what people are posting, their status updates and any other information that may catch my eye. I don’t check it throughout the day.

Create Conversations: My main goal on Facebook is to use my own blog posts and the posts of others as a jumping point for good conversation. This means I almost always will take time to respond to comments on my wall and respond to others who post things of interest to me. This takes a lot less time than reading through everything everyone posts, and allows me to create real and genuine connections.

Respond to Requests/Emails: Also only once a day at most (I don’t do this every day), I will go through and respond to all friend, group, and fan page requests. This is also when I read email and respond to messages. Although I get email notification when I have a new message or friend request, I resist the urge to login and take action immediately. I probably spend about two minutes, two or three times a week to stay up-to-date.

So, there you have my 15 minutes of social media time. And it works for me! Do you follow a similar routine? How do you stay current with your social media activities without losing your focus? Share some of the time-challenged social media tricks you have up your sleeve!

  • Ryvon Designs

    I’m glad someone else has posted on the benefits of hootsuite! Yay for the columns! I have found that if I take Twitter-time in three batches a day, and have hootsuite open to monitor conversations/mentions, I can easily focus on my other work and still remain well connected. I focus on locating and scheduling posts for the day once in the morning and once at night. I peek in and comment around noon if I have the ability.

    Having it open in a second screen allows me to watch the columns every so often and reply to those sending me notes, the same as you mentioned. Or turn off the screen when I really need to knuckle down.

    Some great points on FaceBook as well. I agree…the most important thing is to spark and keep conversation and comments going. I always try to respond to comments on our fanpage, and try every few days to post a new note with good resources if I have no other updates to give. If it’s not relevant, I just won’t post.




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