By Matthew Magain

Sketchnoting UX Australia 2010: Day 2

By Matthew Magain

Day 2 of the UX Australia conference was packed full of excellent presentations, and after a bunch of encouraging comments from folks who saw my sketches from yesterday, I drew some more for today’s sessions.

Rather than rely on my phone camera, this time I scanned today’s sketches to ensure that the images are of a higher quality.

One of the highlights for me was finally meeting Daniel Szuc, who co-authored SitePoint’s Usability Kit a few years back (and which I edited.) A huge thanks to the UX Australia organisers for putting on a well-run and well-catered event that delivered a ton of high quality presentations. UX Australia will run in Sydney next year, and comes highly recommended.

See my sketchnotes from Day 1 of the conference (click on each image to view a larger version).

Daniel Naumann and Sally BielenyDaniel Naumann: Working with clients to get better solutions, and Sally Bieleny: Users don’t always help

Daniel SzucDaniel Szuc: The value of asking why

Joe SokohlJoe Sokohl: Nailing it down

Matt MorphettMatt Morphett: Designs that ship

Rob SchererRob Scherer: Evidence based design

Rod Farmer and Anton SherRod Farmer and Anton Sher: Creating mobile experiences that matter

Scott BryantScott Bryant: Emerging a content strategy from user research

Shane Morris, Toby Cumming, and Jane CockburnShane Morris, Toby Cumming, and Jane Cockburn: Defining the recipient journey

For slides and audio from these UX Australia presentations, keep an eye on the UX Australia website over the coming weeks.

  • Excellent Matt! Love your sketches and it’s a memorable way to jot down some notes.

  • Kelly Steele

    That’s really impressive, Matt. I’m in awe………..

  • Thanks guys! They were fun to draw and the speakers seem to get a kick out of seeing them too, which is nice.

  • AHA! finally the notes i took in highschool are validated – my psychology instructor in particular would love to see that those old sketches are now an acceptable form of notetaking :)

  • Wow, that’s pretty damn sweet.

    Sketchnotes could be the next infographics!

  • Mike Rohde

    Nice work Matthew!

  • @pas_non Yes! My high school exercise books were always littered with random sketches too!

    @Matt and @Mike Thanks!

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