SitePoint Technical Editor Might Just Be Your Dream Job

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SitePoint is still looking for a technical editor to join our publishing team. The technical editor positions are always hard to fill; the required technical and communication skills are a unique combination. But I also think a big problem with filling this kind of role is that not many people in the web industry are ever looking to move specifically into this kind of role. I know I wasn’t. In fact, before I got the job, I had no idea that this kind of job existed.

Some of the blame might rest with the job title: “technical editor” is no match for web industry jobs with titles that include the word wizard, genius, guru, or ninja. The title technical editor makes the role sound like it’s for the resident apostrophe nazi. Banish that thought; we already have a word nerd. What we need is a real web nerd.

If you are someone, or know of someone, who enjoys tinkering with stuff on the web just for the fun of it, and then sharing your knowhow, this might just be the perfect job — getting paid for staying up to date with web technology and working with a bunch of hardcore web geeks who share the passion.

The 16GB 3G iPhone is still up for grabs for a successful referral too!

Andrew TetlawAndrew Tetlaw
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iOS Developer, sometimes web developer and Technical Editor.

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