SitePoint SEM Kit reviewed at Search Engine Watch

Chris Sherman of Search Engine Watch has written a nice review of the SitePoint SEM Kit for Search Day, which was posted last week while I was in Berkeley for the Consumer Reports Webwatch conference.

This review likens our SEM kit to the “internet in a box” kits that were on the market during the mid-90s, an analogy that sent me back in time for a bit, and very accurately describes what we were trying to accomplish.

Many thanks to Chris for taking the time to read our big book, and reintroducing the word “foofaraw” to my vocabulary with his blog post pointing to the review. Around here, we don’t say foofaraw, we say “jibba-jabba,” a term which was introduced to my vocabulary by Mr. T.

More comments soon on the Consumer Reports conference and their report on search engines’ disclosure of paid advertising… there’s a lot to sort out before I post, because it was a busy couple of days. I had a chance to meet the great Jared Spool, discuss PPC strategy with Mike Moran from IBM, and watch Barbara Coll twitch as she sat in the audience trying not to shout out the obvious.