SitePoint Sale Swings into Action

By Mick Gibson

We’re hoping most of you’ve already heard about our end-of-year sale. If not, we’re onto day 5 (of 24) daily deals we’re offering throughout December.

Today’s 24 hour deal is a goodie. Three of our latest print books are eagerly awaiting your order, and the chance to be liberated from the over-crowded warehouse and lovingly read from cover to cover:

  • Book 1 – Build Mobile Websites & Apps for Smart Devices (Released June 2011)
  • Book 2 – HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World (Released May 2011)
  • Book 3 – PHP Master: Write Cutting-Edge Code (Released Oct 2011)

You can grab ALL 3 books (and their epack versions) for $49 (76% off).
Or simply buy the one you want for $27.

Day 6 SitePoint Sale

Before we go, we’d also like to say a BIG thanks for the level of support thus far. It’s been awesome.
We look forward to delivering you more great deals in the days and weeks ahead!

  • Fredric Yeung

    Sad is that I ordered 2 of them several weeks ago. Can I got the third free of charge ?

    • Mick Gibson

      Hey there Frederic. Contact JP at books at sitepoint dot com, and we’ll help you out :)

  • Anonymous

    If I want four , how much charge can I get ?

  • Shayne Tilley

    @Fredric — If I know the SitePoint support team (and I kinda do) I reckon they’ll hook you up. I’d send them an email.



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