SitePoint Releases Search Engine Marketing Kit

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Last spring, I was contacted by SitePoint about the possibility of writing a new book on SEO, similar to their existing Web Design Business Kit. I submitted a proposal, and was extremely pleased to be chosen by SitePoint as the author.

Subsequent discussions led to an expansion of the book’s scope to cover pay-per-click, and to move it beyond a “business kit” to create something that anyone could use to learn more about search engine marketing. The result is the SitePoint Search Engine Marketing Kit, which represents over 6 months’ work.

I’ve been a big fan of SitePoint for years. When I was doing web development all the time, was actually set as my browser’s home page. Naturally, I was very excited to work with the SitePoint team. Simon, Georgina, Matt, Kevin, and others were a big help.

At any rate, I do believe that the SEM world has long needed something like this, a comprehensive review of the state of the art. Will it age well? Time will tell, but we’ve already begun discussions about doing annual updates just to be safe.

You can check out a sample from the first chapter in today’s lead article on SitePoint, Search Engine Marketing Kit – Chapter 1. As a big fan of SitePoint, I am extremely tickled to see my article in that spot… screen shots are of course already taken and saved for posterity.

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