By Dan Thies

SitePoint Releases Search Engine Marketing Kit

By Dan Thies

Last spring, I was contacted by SitePoint about the possibility of writing a new book on SEO, similar to their existing Web Design Business Kit. I submitted a proposal, and was extremely pleased to be chosen by SitePoint as the author.

Subsequent discussions led to an expansion of the book’s scope to cover pay-per-click, and to move it beyond a “business kit” to create something that anyone could use to learn more about search engine marketing. The result is the SitePoint Search Engine Marketing Kit, which represents over 6 months’ work.

I’ve been a big fan of SitePoint for years. When I was doing web development all the time, SitePoint.com was actually set as my browser’s home page. Naturally, I was very excited to work with the SitePoint team. Simon, Georgina, Matt, Kevin, and others were a big help.

At any rate, I do believe that the SEM world has long needed something like this, a comprehensive review of the state of the art. Will it age well? Time will tell, but we’ve already begun discussions about doing annual updates just to be safe.

You can check out a sample from the first chapter in today’s lead article on SitePoint, Search Engine Marketing Kit – Chapter 1. As a big fan of SitePoint, I am extremely tickled to see my article in that spot… screen shots are of course already taken and saved for posterity.

  • It’s great to see another book from Sitepoint.
    Congratulations, Dan!

  • Henry

    Yes, it looks like a really interesting book. I own several SitePoint books and have always learned a lot from them. I downloaded and read the first chapter last night.

    However, I feel the price tag for ‘Search Engine Marketing Kit’ is outrageous. Almost USD 200 is too much for a kit like this.

    Why not sell it as a book (and not a kit) for around EUR 45.00?

    I would buy it then, but almost USD 200 is simply too much. Sorry.

  • There seems to be a problem with the title of this post – in the RSS feed on the main page, it is showing up inside “"”, because in the HTML the “&” is “&” instead of a real ampersand :)

  • [quote=Kadence]There seems to be a problem with the title of this post – in the RSS feed on the main page, it is showing up inside “””, because in the HTML the “&” is “&” instead of a real ampersan[/quote]
    Yep, I’m sure all SitePoint bloggers are looking forward to some upgrades in the blogging application.

  • I’m looking to eventually purchase your kit as I think it will have good information, like every Sitepoint book. I just need the money :(

    I’ve already saved up money for the DHTML and XML books, and now I have to get money for another one! Darn Sitepoint, has to publish too many awesome books… :D

  • lubos

    I’ve looked at table of contents of the kit and I think it’s worth of that money. Personally I won’t buy it, because I know something about SEO already and I don’t specialize in it. But if I do or have web design company and needed new know-how quickly, than this kit is definitely the choice. Simple look at this kit as an investment, which saves you a lot of time and money, because you don’t have to make out all your knowledge from internet resources.

  • nickfitz

    So I have to supply an email address to get the link to the PDF? No thanks…

  • This – looks like it could be one of the best so far cheers Dan.

  • Placed my order. Looking forward to reading. :)

  • Amirsan


    About the updates… every year we will have to pay another $250 for the update? Or do owners of the first version get a discount? :-/

  • well, im saving up, it will be worth it i say.

    i love the web design biz kit so im saving my pennies =]


  • Amirsan, owners of the first edition will get a discount on future updates.

  • canbiz


    I just received the Sitepoint Marketing Kit yesterday and I am already on page 99… so far so good! But, I have been reading other Sitepoint threads on SEO and one the threads deals with whether or not a site name is better with or with out a hyphen. Many participants are saying that if it is possible purchase both. An example would be http://www.blahblah.com or http://www.blah-blah.com. I, for example own sites that have all blah.com, blah.net, blah.co.uk,blah.ca etc., and now are you ready for the question? The question is after reading the first 99 pages of Dan Thies SEMK, I am getting the impression that by putting the same content on all the sites (.com, .net, etc., etc.) that the search engines are going to consider that as spamming them. I am also under the impression that using redirects by just using the .com address and redirect all the others to that site by a 301, meta, or JavaScript redirect is also considered spam by the SEs. I may be premature asking this query as I have not read the entire kit yet, let alone opening the CD. But it is very important to me to know your opinions ASAP because I may just have made an incorrect recommendation to a client! Thanks in advance.

  • canbiz

    Hello again:

    I found the answer on Page 104… Robot Exclusion Protocol. Thanks again

  • If you use multiple versions of the same domain, you can permanently (301) redirect the spares (.net, .org, .biz, etc.) to the main domain (e.g. .com). This way, visitors never see the other domains.

  • I own it, and love. Well worth the money. Especially now with the PPC coupons.

    Thanks for such a comprehensive resource!


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