SitePoint raises $60k for the Penguin Foundation

Los Angeles, CA — SitePoint, one of the world’s leading resources for web developers and one of the top 700 global websites, has announced their donation of $60,000 to Australia’s Penguin Foundation, a Google Impact Challenge laureate. The money, raised during SitePoint’s annual Christmas sale, will be used for little penguin research and conservation including projects such as lifesaving oil-absorbing technology, to rescue wildlife in the event of an oil spill.

“Our initial goal was to raise $10,000 for charity during the holiday season. When we met that goal, on day two of our annual sale, we knew we had to aim higher!”, said Simon Julian, SitePoint’s General Manager. “Our community members have shown incredible generosity for this great cause, which ties in the ingenious use of technology with a real-world need.”

The Penguin Foundation is thrilled with SitePoint’s incredible contribution,” said Matthew Jackson, a Penguin Foundation board member . “Their very generous donation will go a long way to supporting little penguin conservation and research at Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia.”