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SitePoint Podcast #5: The Principles of Successful Freelancing

By Kevin Yank



Episode 5 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week your hosts are Brad Williams, Patrick O’Keefe, Stephan Segraves, and Kevin Yank, who are joined by their guest, Miles Burke.

Download this Episode

You can also download this episode as a standalone MP3 file. Here’s the link:

  • SitePoint Podcast #5: The Principles of Successful Freelancing (MP3, 26.8MB)

Episode Summary

Here are the topics covered in this episode:

Interview: The Principles of Successful Freelancing with Miles Burke

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Kevin Yank is an accomplished web developer, speaker, trainer and author of Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL and Co-Author of Simply JavaScript and Everything You Know About CSS is Wrong! Kevin loves to share his wealth of knowledge and it didn't stop at books, he's also the course instructor to 3 online courses in web development. Currently Kevin is the Director of Front End Engineering at Culture Amp.

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