SitePoint Podcast #4: Pownce Closes Down

By Kevin Yank

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Hosts: Brad Williams, Patrick O’Keefe, Stephan Segraves, and Kevin Yank

News topics covered on this episode:

W3C Markup Validation Service adds experimental HTML5 support (SitePoint)

WordPress 2.7 Coming This Week!
WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 1 (WordPress)
5 Amazing New WordPress 2.7 Features

Python 3.0 released
What’s New in Python 3.0 (Python)
Python 3.0: What’s The Point? (Thought Palace)
Let’s talk about Python 3.0 (James Bennett)

Opera 10 Alpha Arrives (SitePoint)
Opera 10 Alpha aces Acid3 browser test (Computerworld)

Main Show Topic: Pownce closes down. What can we learn?
Pownce closes down. What can we learn? (TechCrunch)
The Downside of Free (SitePoint)
The Argument Against Software as a Service (SitePoint)

  • I really like this episode. Just so you know I’m an Opera user and have used it for years now. I’ve used it mainly because it’s so far (even though other browsers have caught up with this now), the mouse gestures are amazing and the way the tabs work is more sensible than IE or Firefox’s versions (all links that would open a new window in FF simply make a new tab which means I have all my browsing in one taskbar item and one window which is what tabs are for).

    Loving the show so far. Maybe get into reading out some listener feedback that’s emailed in or posted up.

    Keep up the good work!


  • I’m also an Opera user and basically I use Opera because it does everything I need it to do. In order to reach the same functionality in Firefox I need to install at least a dozen plugins, which really makes the browser feel sluggish. I’ve used Opera for a long time because I like the interface, the speed, the features, and the better rendering engine. Loving the show and if you ever need someone to talk about Opera, I’m free. :)

  • Great points! Like I said I’m not as current with Opera as I probably should be, so maybe I should give it a second look since back when Opera had banner ads. I do like the fact it has many applications embedded with the browser.

    Less applications = good in my book!

    Thanks for listening!

  • Thanks for the comments and kind words. :)

    I think you pretty much said it, charmedlover. All of the browser “arguments” are such a waste of time. If it does what you need to do, then it’s good. Most web users don’t care about what the people who debate browsers debate about. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but… that’s just how I see it.

    Thanks again,


  • Genjutsushi

    Another awesome podcast guys, keep up the good work.

    It is a real shame Pownce had to shut down, but it was a criminally underused service.

  • Anonymous

    I just spent about five minutes writing a lengthy comment, clicked the Submit button, and was informed by WordPress “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” Hit backspace, and my entry is gone. Just lovely. :-(

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