SitePoint Podcast #3: A Richer Web?

By Kevin Yank

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Hosts: Brad Williams, Stephan Segraves, and Kevin Yank

News topics covered on this episode:

Yahoo! Launches BrowserPlus, Plans to Open Source It (SitePoint)

Microsoft: 100 Million Silverlight Downloads in 4 Weeks (SitePoint)

Amazon Announces CloudFront: Affordable CDN Service (Amazon)

Adobe Debuts Flash Catalyst At MAX Conference (SitePoint)
Adobe: Demo video

Main Show Topic: Pros and Cons of Web Application deployment using Flash, Silverlight, etc.
Betanews: Novell and Microsoft sanction Silverlight workalike for Linux
Ars Technica: Adobe to Close Desktop-Mobile Flash Player Gap with ARM Port
Ars Technica: Adobe Starts 64-bit Flash Testing with Linux Alpha

  • gravityone

    I really enjoyed the podcast’s, the only podcast for web designers/developers that was worth listening to was Boagworld. Its great now to have another great podcast to listen to.

  • gravityone

    As I am listening to the podcast #3 for the second time, one improvement could be the normalization of each of the voices. One voice is fairly low (Kevin Yank), and the other is way to loud. I would be Ok with all the voices having low volume, because I can turn it up with my computer speakers but, if all the voices coming through are different in volume I have no control.

    Hopefully when the podcasts get further on we can get a better idea of who the speakers are personally. That is something that I look forward to, beyond all the great information that they give.

  • @gravityone excellent feedback and exactly what we are looking for.

  • I’ve been a fan since 2003 when I started to work independently. I was hooked on “The Web Design Business Kit” and since then I have yet to miss a sitepoint publication.

    Sitepoint has been of great influence to our business, it has given us the guidelines to properly develop Websites, well structured electronic documentation and most importantly, it has always kept us updated with all relevant Industry updates.

    The Podcast is a great addition to the repertoire of excellent insightful content for Web Entrepreneurs all over the world.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

    Jose R. Lopez

  • ro0bear

    I have listened to all the SitePoint podcasts to date and found them really interesting.
    One thing that bugs me about them though is the intro music, or more specifically the clip of laughter in the intro music, it just sounds a like the kind of intro I used to hear in really cheap science video’s my teacher used to show us in class, where the presenter had wild hair and wide bottomed trousers lol.
    But the podcasts themselves are great; I look forward to the next one.

  • webhead

    Great podcasts except for the creepy intro theme music. Man, that puts me off enough to skip past it. Do you even need music? how about just a “stab” sample or two? Agree with previous poster, normalise voices please coz different levels making me nuts. Did i mention the intro music is creepy? Really, it does not seem to match your content at all :-)

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