SitePoint Podcast #3: A Richer Web?

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Hosts: Brad Williams, Stephan Segraves, and Kevin Yank

News topics covered on this episode:

Yahoo! Launches BrowserPlus, Plans to Open Source It (SitePoint)


Microsoft: 100 Million Silverlight Downloads in 4 Weeks (SitePoint)

Amazon Announces CloudFront: Affordable CDN Service (Amazon)

Adobe Debuts Flash Catalyst At MAX Conference (SitePoint)
Adobe: Demo video

Main Show Topic: Pros and Cons of Web Application deployment using Flash, Silverlight, etc.
Betanews: Novell and Microsoft sanction Silverlight workalike for Linux
Ars Technica: Adobe to Close Desktop-Mobile Flash Player Gap with ARM Port
Ars Technica: Adobe Starts 64-bit Flash Testing with Linux Alpha