SitePoint Podcast #2: The Internet and the Election

By Kevin Yank

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Hosts: Brad Williams, Patrick O’Keefe, Stephan Segraves, and Kevin Yank

News topics covered on this episode:

Firefox Hits 20% Browser Market Share Worldwide (SitePoint)
ReadWriteWeb: Firefox Reaches 20% Market Share for First Time Ever

Microsoft Offers Free Software to Startups (SitePoint)
ReadWriteWeb: Microsoft Offers Free Software to Startups

Ballmer “Interested” in Open Source Browser Engine (Slashdot)
Full video at CNet: Hell freezes over: Ballmer considering open-source browser?

Google’s OpenID Support Questioned by Experts (SitePoint)
SitePoint: Google Removes OpenID Whitelist Requirement

Main Show Topic: How did the Internet affect the US Presidential Election?
SitePoint: Tracking the US Election with Web 2.0
ReadWriteWeb: ReadWriteWeb: Al Gore: Web 2.0 Needs a Purpose
NY Times: How Obama Tapped Into Social Networks’ Power
BoingBoing: is going through some changes

  • ajk100


    I didn’t know how to get through to you so I thought I woul dtry this way. I am new to the mysql and PHP area and I bought your book Teach Yourself PHP & MYSQL The Easy Way – Everything was going fine until I tried to login to see the status; i get this:

    mysqladmin: connect to server at ‘root’@’localhost’ failed
    error: ‘Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ ‘

    Not sure where to go from here?

    Al Kil

  • Dale

    Why do bury your podcast RSS feed way over here: ?

  • Anonymous

    Kevin, I’m not sure if this is the particular podcast in which it occurred, but the discussion was centering on Firefox extensions, and someone asked you if you had ever built one. You mentioned that SitePoint has a couple handy extensions, including one that identifies unused CSS rules. It sounded as if the name was “Dusty Selectors”, but I probably misheard it. I searched the SitePoint Web site, looking for tools, and wasn’t able to find anything on this one or any others. Could you please post a link to point us all in the right direction? Thanks!

  • Anonymous,

    The extension is Dust-Me Selectors.

  • Anonymous

    Kevin, thanks for the link to the page. (By the way, on that page, “Edwards'” should instead read “Edwards’s”. As I’m sure you know, any term, including a proper name, is not made plural just because it ends in the letter ‘s’.) I’m looking forward to trying out that Firefox extension. Thanks!

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