SitePoint Podcast #11: Interview with Microsoft’s Chris Wilson

By Kevin Yank

Episode 11 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week your hosts are Patrick O’Keefe (@ifroggy), Stephan Segraves (@ssegraves), Brad Williams (@williamsba), and Kevin Yank (@sentience). They are joined by Microsoft’s Platform Architect for Internet Explorer, Chris Wilson (@cwilso).

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Episode Summary

Thanks to all the members of the SitePoint Forums community who submitted their questions for Chris!

Here are the questions we put to Chris in this episode:

  • What does the Platform Architect for IE do?
  • Why did IE8’s default rendering mode change?
  • What’s the deal with the Compatibility View button in IE8?
  • Is it true that users are able to remove IE8 from Windows 7?
  • If not IE, which browser would be your favorite?
  • What’s the plan to get IE6 users upgraded?
  • How long will each of the rendering modes in IE be preserved?
  • What has been the most drastic change to how we use the Internet since IE6?
  • Are there any plans to allow multiple versions of IE installed side-by-side?
  • How does the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar compare to Firebug?
  • What’s the size and shape of the Internet Explorer team?
  • What’s the real value of “paving the cowpaths” in HTML5?
  • What big changes in HTML5 promise to be most exciting?
  • Does HTML5 threaten to be a monolithic spec? Should it be split?
  • What steps are involved in getting new CSS features added to IE?
  • What is IE’s plan to compete against the rising popularity of alternatives?
  • The font debate: Why is loading TTFs dynamically not enough?
  • Which instrument did you play in your rock band?
  • The web stack isn’t suitable for building applications. What’s the fix?

Thanks for listening! Feel free to let us know how we’re doing, or to continue the discussion, using the comments field below.

  • Apologies for all the chat sound effects in the audio of this episode, folks! We had some last-minute technical hurdles in setting up the recording, and this wasn’t noticed until it was too late.

  • Sojan80

    Hey that’s okay. I’m glad you guys aren’t pulling any punches with these questions. Whenever someone says they’re interviewing someone at MS it never seems like they ask difficult questions.

  • Great episode, Kev and team! Thanks!

  • John

    I sure hope Microsoft will continue to be the leaders, now that Bill Gates has practically left them all alone and travels all over the developing world looking for solutions to the problems of poverty, AIDS and Malaria, :)

  • Great episode! It was cool hearing my name on the show.

  • Really good show. Keep it up guys!

  • Thanks for the kind words, all. Our pleasure, Iceman90. :)

  • Anonymous

    Any chance of a transciption being provided? Not everyone has speakers to be able to listen to a podcast, especially at work. But many of us do have leeway to read a document

  • Anonymous,

    Any chance of a transciption being provided? Not everyone has speakers to be able to listen to a podcast, especially at work. But many of us do have leeway to read a document

    We’re working on providing transcripts for all episodes of the SitePoint podcast. Consider us duly prodded on that front!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Kevin. Much appreciated on behalf of all us technologically challenged netizens!

  • hal305

    Any news yet Kevin on when CSS3 is going to be implemented; it would be nice?

  • enjoyed

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