SitePoint Marketplace Reports Record Sell-Through Rate

By Josh Catone
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Who says the Zune isn’t worth anything? Earlier this month 15-year-old Hansup Yoon cashed out by selling his Zune-centric community web site, aptly called ZuneBoards, to the tune of $62,000 on SitePoint’s Marketplace. Yoon, who lives in Fullerton, California, started his site just under 2 years ago and grew it to 60,000 members and more than 270,000 posts. ZuneBoards was bringing in about $1,000 per month from AdSense and Tribal Fusion ads when he put it up for sale on SitePoint.

Why did Yoon choose SitePoint Marketplace to sell his site? Over the past couple of years, SitePoint has become one of the premier places to buy and sell web sites on the Internet. We saw an example of that this morning, when less than 24 hours after being featured on TechCrunch, another top tech blog CenterNetworks reported that JustHackIt was up for sale on SitePoint. That sort of exposure is leading to record growth in listings, bids, and the all important sell-through rate.

The Marketplace recorded a record number of listings and bids in July, up 12% and 26% respectively month-to-month from June, SitePoint’s co-founder Matt Mickiewicz told me. Traffic to the Marketplace was also up month-to-month. That’s fairly impressive growth considering that it is currently summer in the United States.

While that’s great news for SitePoint, it also proved to be great news for sellers. 46% of auctions closed in July with a winner declared — 10% more than in June and a new monthly record. That means nearly 1 out of every 2 listings on SitePoint Marketplace ended with a sale (assuming that most winning bids were followed up on successfully).

A 46% sell through rate is in line with those of eBay’s glory years. As we reported yesterday, though, eBay is shifting away from auctions in favor of fixed-price sales, which are not as attractive to many people selling web sites.

Yoon said that he decided to sell ZuneBoards to put more time into his studies (he’ll be a sophomore in high school this year), and also that he thought he didn’t have the time or knowledge to grow the site to its full potential. Anecdotally, that’s a popular reason cited for why people sell sites on SitePoint.

The Orange County Register has a great profile of Yoon up on their blog.

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • monton

    I just don’t know about this. I think the rate of sitespoint auctions that go unsold is much much higher than what you claim. I know for a fact I have been involved in about 20 listings now as a potential buyer (these are good sites) and only in two cases have there been buyers.

  • parker123

    I agree,

    I was interested in a few sales this month but the prices went too high for me to even bid but the owners contacted me after to ask if I was still interested as the bids had fallen through. Its weeks later and they have still not sold the site. I have come across several like this. It seem like you see auctions for sites that end up closing very high but the sale does not go through. Other sellers think they did and you see them listing their site for sale the next week expecting the same amount of money or more. They base the value of their site on what one sold for ( but it didn’t) !!!!

  • issei sagawa

    Why is that Sitepoint is so evil? No honour maybe?

  • …..

    thats funny takes credit for getting the sale of zuneboards because the seller actually sold the site thru a thread on!!!

    take a look for yourself:

  • joe

    this site was sold on

    sitepoint is taking the credit. look it up on digitalpoint, his sales thread there says it all

  • amroawad

    I would like to add that they are not speaking of websites only but the whole marketplace. I listed two sites here and sold very very fast.

  • zuneone

    I sold my e-commerce site here for $25,000 earlier this year. The Zune and SitePoint have been very good to me!

  • Guys, this site was sold on SitePoint:

    It may have been listed on Digital Point as well, but the winning bid was made on SitePoint (I’m looking at the bid history right now and can confirm that).

  • SitePoint is great to sell sites you can usually get the BIN within a day.

  • egenius

    Maybe its a great place to buy and sell sites. But it would have been much better to read this at a site other than sitepoint – of course.

  • Congrats Sitepoint! :)

  • logicstar

    No doubt !!, is the best… :)

  • lpxxfaintxx

    Yes, the winning bids came from SitePoint, I can confirm that.

    Thank you.