Sitepoint Flash Community Requires…

By sgrosvenor

I’m going to reiterate what Davd said in the ColdFusion blog; What really interests you, and what subjects would you like to see more of in the Flash blog here at Sitepoint?

You let me know what you’d like to see more tech or design info on and i’ll make it happen.

Keep the ideas flowing…

  • Firestorm2003

    I’d like to see more design info. How to design things, you know?

  • Hi Firestorm2003. We actually have plans in place for a dedicated “design” blog and column in the future. Personally, what I’d like to see in this blog is more info about using Flash with other technologies, like PHP.

  • sgrosvenor

    Well, you’re in luck as i’ll be posting some pretty nifty design tips over the next couple of days, productivity enhancers and other information to speed the design process, aid in the creation of interface widgets and allow you to create the types of interfaces that you’ve always dreamed of :-)

  • Hi,
    I would like to see a tutorial that takes you from beginning to end by designing a mock site with all the necessary steps.
    Thank you.

  • Shaun at has recently figured out out method to do something like ‘CSS Image Replacement’, but using flash instead. Accessible, google-friendly, cut’n’pastable, virtually invisible to the naked eye but nice to look at. Not perfect yet, but some sort of an answer to a lot of the criticisms levelled at flash development. That kind of deeply integrated, multi-technology stuff is the thing I personally would find the most interesting, rather than all-singing, all dancing flash boxes.

  • as for me, well, I’d like both DESIGN & TECH info but a little more emphasis on ACTIONSCRIPT.

  • I’d like to see more of PHP and Flash communicating with each other. Actionscript or more of using Flash MX 2004’s components – data binding and such.

  • thiru

    Hi I like to know more about how flash can be used in elearning projects and examples on making reusable templates like a tabnavigation ( which iam created using actionscript, the amount of tabs can be increased or decreased according to the need)

  • I’d like to see what i think is the most powerful part of Flash for the web, and elsewhere: Efficiency, Automation, and Expandability. By writing great code and/or setting up your site (if it’s all in Flash) to allow efficient reusability of code and elements of Flash, it’s clean, quick, automatically adjusts to new server files (like .xml or what have you), you can save yourself and your clients alot of time/money. What are the best methods for setting up a Shopping Cart in Flash? …Things to consider before getting started, etc… Flash is just incredible. But making it accessible to services such as Google and other search engines is quite a priority to alot of folks. We could go on forever with this, right?

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