SitePoint Flash Blog Panel for Flash MX 2004

By sgrosvenor

Note: Extension Updated 04/08/2004 to include a link to a summary of all the blogs

Well, I got in from work tonight, and had a ponder; then rapidly created a new panel for you guys, the SitePoint Flash Blog Panel Reader.

If your RSS reader isn’t open all the time or you don’t have one, then why not have the latest SitePoint Flash Blog information right there inside Flash MX 2004 while you work?

Download SitePoint Flash Blog Panel for Flash MX 2004 >>

  • Steve, that’s an awsome idea.

    I downloaded it to my downloaded extensions and installed it, but it’s not working. Yes, I restarted and have even uninstalled and reinstalled it with a reboot in between.

    I’m using XPPro with Flash MXPro 2004 patched to 7.2

    Any thoughts?


  • Pyr0

    Having the same problem, it does not show up in the menu.

    Using Win2k3 Flash MX Pro 2004 7.2

  • sgrosvenor

    Andrew, I located a small error in the installer, which is now fixed. I’ve uploaded a new version of the command panel (v1.0.5) which fixes the problem and is the same link as above

    Download SitePoint Flash Blog Panel for Flash MX 2004 >>

  • sgrosvenor

    OK, I’ve uploaded an enhanced version which has a quick link (see piccie above) to get access to summary of all the blogs here at SitePoint, just click the ‘Show All’ button.

    Click the link above in the first post, then install the MXP (v 1.0.6) and follow the instructions within the Extension Manager to get access to the panel

  • Thanks Steve.

    It works like a charm!

    Love it :~)

  • Pyr0

    I’m getting massive amounts of CPU usage from using this panel, Flash is using over 70% CPU idle just because this panel is open. Opening the .SWF alone causes the same effect, bogging down my entire system.

  • Bill

    Hi. I’m currently stationed in Japan. I was given permission to modify an SWF file through my Flash MX. I uploaded and found only one layer. I onion skinned and still, one layer. So my question is does this SWF have a protection, or is that just how the author made the movie? If that is the case, I noticed that each image did not reflect a lot of inbetweening. To explain a little further, it appeared that the author created the image (of a virus) moving out of an insect proboscus with not very much inbetweening along the way. How did he do this?

    Thanks loads

  • Bill

    Sorry, forgot to leave f/u comment request.

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