SitePoint Courses Have A New Home: Learnable!

By Melinda Szasz

At SitePoint we’re always looking for new ways to share learning online. It’s why we’ve worked hard to turn our existing course platform, into a fun and exciting online learning environment called Learnable.

At Learnable, you can take an online course to expand your skills and learn new hobbies, or put on your teaching hat and make a course of you own.

It’s all about sharing your passion, and learning new stuff!

Learnable includes all of SitePoint’s existing courses plus over 50 new online courses! These cover a range of web development, technology, business and lifestyle online courses, which include over:

1509 videos
721 lessons
1427 articles
360 down-loadable files

Existing SitePoint course customers can now access their courses on Learnable for free. However, these courses will also remain available on SitePoint for now.

So head on over to the Learnable page and you’ll find loads of up-to-date courses to take Including:

As always, thanks for your support and we look forward to your comments and thoughts.

Meet the author
Melinda works as the product marketer for and is responsible for book launches and general marketing activities. She's also the resident photographer, ensuring every embarrassing moment is caught on camera.
  • dy3g0s

    I want to win a course within the Learnable. ;)


    This looks amazing.

    Can you tell something about the platform (which CMS?).

  • Pamela

    Just curious – do the classes I’ve taken already at SitePoint transfer over or would I have to retake them to get access to materials? Thanks!

  • Leni Mayo

    @pamela – yep, the courses you’ve purchased at SitePoint transfer right over, just visit:
    Plus, by way of saying thanks and welcoming you to Learnable you’ll get a $10 voucher you can use as credit against your next course purchase (valid to May 31st).
    @christianpeters – the platform was built from scratch in Ruby on Rails and PHP. We couldn’t find anything off-the-shelf that creates the kind of online learning experience we were looking for.
    Leni Mayo

    • David

      Hi Leni – I purchased a few courses on SitePoint long before Learnable launched. I have since transferred those courses over to Learnable and am wondering how I get the $10 voucher you mention above in reply to Pamela.

      • Leni Mayo

        Hi David –
        There are a few folk in the same boat as you who have transferred their courses to Learnable but have (somehow!) missed out on their $10 voucher. The options:
        a) Sit tight. On monday anyone who hasn’t got their voucher yet will receive an email saying that their $10 voucher has been credited.
        b) if you’re keen to get your $10 voucher immediately, visit, log in, follow the prompts and it’ll be credited on the spot.
        Leni Mayo

      • Kerberos

        Perhaps you deleted the spammy looking email notice that the voucher was sent in?

  • Hinerangi

    Personally I don’t really like the new website. Aside from having to create a new account (annoying), the randomness of the listed courses is weird and waters down the perceived quality of Sitepoint’s own (high quality) courses. Personally I don’t look for recreational video courses on golf, worm composting and yoga in the same place as professional ones related to web design and development.

    I think it was better when the Sitepoint ones were on the Sitepoint website – at least then we knew the tutorials were attached to a reputable company with a reputation for creating great resources.

    • Kerberos

      I agree. Separate out the professional ones for your loyal tech audience.

  • Leni Mayo
  • Johnathon

    I love the concept/feel of the new website. Nice work with the design. My only suggestion, unless I missed it, is to display feedback on the courses! I really need to see what other users’ experiences have been with the course and its quality before I make the purchase. I have no way of judging the effectiveness of the course unless I purchase it. Would love to read some comments and sort the lessons by their rating.

  • Leni Mayo

    @Johnathon – yep, that’s the #1 request from foik browsing through the course store. Doing something about it is pretty high on the TODO list!


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