By Matthew Magain

SitePoint Contests Highly Commended in McFarlane Prize

By Matthew Magain
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Lucas Chan and Andrew Krespanis accept the runners up award for the McFarlane PrizeThe SitePoint Design Contests web application came runners up in the McFarlane Prize announcement at Web Directions South yesterday, earning a Highly Commended award from the judges which placed it in the top three of all entries.

The winner of the McFarlane Prize was Michael Koukoullis, for the political campaign site Andrews Must Resign.

Members from the SitePoint development team, Andrew Krespanis and Lucas Chan, accepted the award from the representative of the W3C office of Australia, Dean Jackson.

The McFarlane Prize was established in 2006 to recognise excellence in Australian web design, and to honour the memory of Nigel McFarlane, a Melbourne-based web pioneer and technologist.

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