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By Tara Hornor

Showcase of Logo Designs from 20 Inspiring Designers

By Tara Hornor

Logo design is its own form of art. Designers must integrate branded colors, shapes, and even words into a logo all the while balancing minimalist designs that can be use on the web or on billboards. It’s certainly a challenge.

This collection of logos represent a fresh batch of up and coming designers who have come up with some noteworthy concepts. Whether it’s a simple stroke of a pen, a full-color design, or the creative merging of a visual concept — the following designs are sure to be an inspiration to anyone taking notice.

Synthesis Center by Sophia Georgopoulou

Linchpin by Michael Chevalier

AGM by Alberto Uzcarre

Reyven Spirits by Joseph Daniel

Atomic Vibe by Jon Stapp

48 Arizona Women by Martina Bourque

Concordia by Alberto Aimo

Where Jew At by Gabrielle Heitler

Sherpa Marketing by Jaime Campbell

The Printing Bar T Shirt Printing by Jared Fullinfaw

Hedgie Innovative Solutions by Simon Miklavčič

Cloudio by Splashter

Heartfelt Music Academy by Jose Suaste

AI Group by Paul Liao

4th Leaf Design Studio by Amy McNeil

FortyFive Creative by Jeff Nissen

Captured in Frames by Emily Kirkpatrick

Equus by Zrinka

The Descovery Eye Foundation by Dennis Hodgson

Choose Love by Keith Kitz

Tiny Pants by Damian Dominguez

So which designs jump out to you? Any favorites in the batch?

  • Jason

    I don’t find them inspirational at all… none of them

    • Oliver

      Second that.

      • rishabh


    • Bjorn Tusas

      No, they’re all pretty basic and some downright ugly. Sure, taste varies but this wasn’t even close.

    • Amy

      Thirded… bland logos

    • Sorry, all! Looks like I fell short of the mark in this one.

  • I really like the linch pin logo, very clever.

  • aldrin james

    Those designs are just so fascinating. I like all the designs because everyone is unique. In looking at those designs I get more inspired to keep on doing my best to be a good web designer.

    web developer Cardiff

  • Cory

    Many of these designs are dated, and not very inspirational at all. Not impressed.

    • Sorry about this. Okay, now I’m inspired to write a better logo roundup! :)

  • A great design shows a great skill of creativity of designer, i really love by these logos. A good inspiration for me to boost my skills. Thanks 

  • Andrew P

    Synthesis – like the graphic. Text was ugly
    Linchpin – cute. Don’t “get it” with the colouring.
    Where Jew At – interesting! Pretty bold but I guess with a name like that you’d expect it to be
    Printing Bar – sorry, really don’t like it
    Heartfelt Music – at first I didn’t like it, but then I noticed the overlay of the shapes. Cute!
    AI – overlaid typography doesn’t really work here


    • Yes, I love the typography and the colors in 45.

  • A short analysis what makes each Logo stand out or why it was selected for this overview, would not have hurt, imho.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try to do this more often. :)

  • Denz6

    A logo is suppose to be designed so that it identify that company without the use of wording.  Two such examples are Apple and Dell.  Their logos say it all, which very few on this page do!!  Close by no cigar! 

    • Apple and Dell certainly do have their logos refined. :)

  • Marco

    I’ve noted some of them on bandsoftheworld. I must say that I remembered only Heartfelt Music, Synthesis and Hedgie Innovative Solutions. Hedgie’s logo is a bit too rough and… too “spiky”. It could be improved but generally I love the design. I also love their iPad wall fixings, but that’s another story.

  • Justin Meyers

    Sorry… These are some of the worst logos I’ve ever seen. It’s like a bunch of nerdy developers picked these out :)

    • Argh! I will come up with a much better roundup next time. :)

  • Augusta tina

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  • thanks for the nice post

  • Albertodgrafico

    podrias enseñar alguno tuyo

  • I think the Atomic Love is my favourite here. Other than that there aren’t too many inspiring ones.

    • I like Atomic Love too. Sorry the rest were uninspiring. :(

  • Some really great, inspirational designs here, I think that fourth leaf is my favourite

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