Showcase of Logo Designs from 20 Inspiring Designers

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Logo design is its own form of art. Designers must integrate branded colors, shapes, and even words into a logo all the while balancing minimalist designs that can be use on the web or on billboards. It’s certainly a challenge.

This collection of logos represent a fresh batch of up and coming designers who have come up with some noteworthy concepts. Whether it’s a simple stroke of a pen, a full-color design, or the creative merging of a visual concept — the following designs are sure to be an inspiration to anyone taking notice.

Synthesis Center by Sophia Georgopoulou

Linchpin by Michael Chevalier

AGM by Alberto Uzcarre

Reyven Spirits by Joseph Daniel

Atomic Vibe by Jon Stapp

48 Arizona Women by Martina Bourque

Concordia by Alberto Aimo

Where Jew At by Gabrielle Heitler

Sherpa Marketing by Jaime Campbell

The Printing Bar T Shirt Printing by Jared Fullinfaw

Hedgie Innovative Solutions by Simon Miklavčič

Cloudio by Splashter

Heartfelt Music Academy by Jose Suaste

AI Group by Paul Liao

4th Leaf Design Studio by Amy McNeil

FortyFive Creative by Jeff Nissen

Captured in Frames by Emily Kirkpatrick

Equus by Zrinka

The Descovery Eye Foundation by Dennis Hodgson

Choose Love by Keith Kitz

Tiny Pants by Damian Dominguez

So which designs jump out to you? Any favorites in the batch?

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