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datavizNo one wants to read through thousands and thousands of lines of data looking for a trend. But what’s the best way to condense all that data into a simple visual representation? Read our latest tutorial to find out!

Data Visualization with Flex, Part I is the first in a three part series in which Toby Tremayne will show us how to use Adobe’s Flex Builder to develop sophisticated data visualizations. In Part I, he focuses on extracting a useful subset of data from a huge dataset, and importing it into Flex in a format we can use.

Here’s the cool part: the dataset he’s using is a collection of posts from our very own SitePoint forums! By the time Part III rolls around, we’ll have the tool running live so you can take a look at how different technologies are discussed in the forums. And if you haven’t been to the forums before, this is the perfect opportunity to drop by and introduce yourself!

We’d like to thank Adobe, who are our sponsors for the multiple choice article quiz—if you find the article interesting, be sure to check how closely you paid attention!

Article: Flex Data Visualization Part I
Quiz: Flex Data Visualization Part I Quiz

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