September Wrapup

By Blane Warrene

Some interesting things I have found this month on Fedora, SELinux, Google competition perhaps and more…

1) A way to get an insider look at Fedora aside from the RedHat sponsored site is through the Fedora People blog.

2) SELinux is now in the 2.6 kernel and has some interesting updated capabilities with securing the filesystem through extended attributes and security labels. To insure comprehensive coverage, there is a method to preserve these extended attributes when backing up by using star in place of tar. See the Linux Journal article.

3) The New York Times today ran a piece (free registration) looking at Vivisimo — a company that has honed a clustering search engine technology within corporate environments. They now plan to release, which features their functionality that seeks to help users find more useful information faster when large numbers of results are returned in a search. The article is here and here are Clusty and Vivisimo.

Finally, I discovered an interesting new blog that has a nice balance of open source, development, Macintosh-centric material and blogging tips/hacks talk (especially if you use WordPress and Ecto like I do). Johann Richard’s taking the red pill is a great read.

  • And, of course, the third OpenSource project from Microsoft: FlexWiki. I know, it’s baby steps. But everyone loves a walking baby, even if it is 500lbs big ;-)

  • Absolutely – I did read about FlexWiki yesterday. I keep trying to squeeze more info out of Microsoft by way of Edelman PR (the only route unless you know a senior insider who speaks aloud). It is an interesting proposition to see MS going this route. I would suggest it is good for all involved if MS better understands the value of OSS and the contributions and brilliance within the community.

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