By Wyatt Barnett

September Links from DotNetLand

By Wyatt Barnett

While I have been silent for a bit*, the DotNet blogo/podo/webosphere has been anything but in the last month or so. Some gems in no particular order:

Enjoy the links!

*I just underwent, or more properly, was subsumed by, an office move. Event had to put on the traditional IT infrastructure & user support hat for a bit. In some ways it was quite refreshing, albeit tiring. I do think that every developer should spend some time in user support—nothing can make you understand how to make a user interface like interfacing with users interfacing with application interfaces and seeing what they “get” and what they stumble over.

  • In my old job, I was the main developer for the site and internal apps. I had plenty of experienec first hand with user support, and I totally agree that every developer should spend doing it!

    I’ve recently got 1/2 through a Subversion install (moved house in the middle of it) and up to the point I got it, was easy enough :)

    Microsoft also formally renamed “Atlas” too: Thought they might have come up with something a little more original, lol

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