Send a Read Receipt through ColdFusion


…posted by davidjmedlock:

Here’s a nifty, and maybe even useful, little tidbit for using CFMAIL. Have you ever gotten an email in Outlook and seen a little popup window after you read it saying “The sender has requested a read receipt for this message. Would you like to send one now?” (Or something like that…) Well, the way that’s done is with mail headers and you can reproduce that in ColdFusion very easily:" from="" server="" subject="test read receipt">">">
This is a test for read receipts.

This works like a charm. It may even be possible to ask the recipient to send a read receipt to someone other than the seller. (I haven’t tried this just yet, but it should work, in theory, since it’s a header independent of the sender’s address…)

Enjoy! (And don’t send me any read receipts, I hate those things…)