By Dan Thies

SEM Kit 2006 Progress Report

By Dan Thies

Since I lost my best friend and business partner in December, I haven’t been the most productive man in SEO… but I am back at it, and thought readers might like to know what I’ve been up to.

First, the 2006 edition (update) of the SitePoint Search Engine Marketing Kit is well underway, and will probably be published towards the end of this year, with an upgrade option available to those smart enough to already have the first edition.

The 2006 edition will of course reflect some of the changes that have taken place in the past year, highlighted by movement in the pay-per-click marketplace, unpaid inclusion (Google Site Maps), and link building. We’re adding a separate chapter on link building, new interviews, and another new chapter with an end-to-end case study.

What will we do in 2007? Assuming that SitePoint doesn’t fire me for missing 3 deadlines already on this project, we’ll probably have plenty more to talk about.

Besides writing, I have been very busy with my online training and coaching programs. I’ve already completed one link building workshop this year, and the second is about halfway complete. I love to teach.

If any readers would like to work “hands on” with me on your own website, I am offering an online site workshop / teleclass which starts on April 25. Hopefully, you will already have the SEM Kit in hand, it’s not required reading but it certainly helps if you have read it.

Speaking of Google Sitemaps again… that’s simply the coolest thing that any search engine has ever done. You get all of the stats on organic traffic that you’d get from a paid inclusion program, you get to see how PageRank is distributed through your site, and you get it all for free. How cool is that?

  • babyboy808

    I’m very sorry to hear about your friend. And I was thinking about getting the kit awhile ago, but will wait for the updated version, looking forward to it Dan

  • siteman123

    Again very sorry to hear your bad news……. but also really looking forward to the new kit.

  • Just like to extend my best wishes to you and Rand’s family.

  • chon

    Anyone know what the upgrade package will be? tempted to buy it at the moment, seeing as its free delivery (prob to shift copys before the new edition) but if there is an update on the way maybe best to hold back.

  • Assuming that SitePoint doesn’t fire me for missing 3 deadlines already on this project.

    and assumming sitepoint doesn’t notice the shamelessly pluggin randy into your post ;)

  • I’m not sure what the update plan will be, other than that it’ll probably involve a new set of pages and CD to stick in the old binder. What I don’t understand is why you’d want to wait 4-5 months if you don’t have the Kit already.

    Peach, linking to Rand Fishkin’s site isn’t about giving him a plug. Newsweek did that a while ago, and I don’t think this blog is going to move the needle much for him in terms of traffic or links. :D It’s a clue, to anyone who’s serious about SEO, that they might want to keep an eye on Rand and his blog.

  • Just to clear up our plans for the new edition of the Search Engine Marketing Kit: When it’s published (much later this year), we will offer an inexpensive upgrade pack to existing customers (as Dan says, probably a set of new pages and CD, minus the binder). So there’s absolutely no reason to hold off on your purchase of the current edition – which still contains useful and current information, and is hands down, in my slightly biased opinion, of course :-), the best SEO resource available anywhere.

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  • Dan – so sorry to hear about your friend. I owe you a plug myself; I think some of my new coworkers could definitely use your coaching videos. I hope your schedule gets back together without too much trouble and Sitepoint keeps you on.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to hear about your friend’s news.
    Best wishes to you and Rands family. Hope the things will be better soon.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know when the new version is coming out?

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