See Your Web Site on a Mac

By Blane Warrene
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My good friend Felix in Germany runs a great web site with a fantastic service for developers wanting to see their web sites on a Macintosh using either Safari, IE 5 or Mozilla (Mac Screenshot Service).

I myself do not need that service – working on the OS X platform – but I have picked up some very useful CSS, JavaScript and PHP techniques from his work. includes:

  • CSS Tricks – layout and hover techniques
  • PHP Scripts – a vast number of useful functions and ready-to-go scripts covering a broad array of tasks. I particularly like the MySQL to Excel and Crop Image tips. Felix also includes some excellent methods for working recursively in directories.
  • A PHP mirror function that allows for server to server copying without an FTP service. I used this one myself as I recently needed something of this sort and moved a site with success using his code.

Along with the Mac screenshot service, one can use a Google position tracker, browse a nice online RSS newsreader, and play with colors using a really cool colorpicker showing all possible hues and shades of every color you input using hexidecimal code.

Last but not least – there are some neat JavaScript scripts including a cool real time preview of CSS and HTML code for testing your ideas (preview as you type in the source editor).

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Yeah this is cool, the only thing is it doesn’t seem to be smart enough to wait until the page is finished loading.

  • I think that might have more to do with his wrestling match with German telecom than his code. ;>)

  • lixlpixel

    hi there, felix here…
    the problem with the page loading delay is not so much the bandwith but rather the DNS server.
    some domainnames have to be looked up and my ISP seems to be pretty slow in regard to that.
    if your page hasn’t fully loaded, try another time – once the domainname is in the cache it’s generally pretty quick.
    of course there are always these sites where the page is just too loaded or is hosted on a dial up server, where it just would take too long to be taken serious anyway…

    and blane – thanks for the “warning” mail, it’s even hard to type this here, between all the screenshottery…

  • Nice service! thanks for tips!

  • There was a service like this I found a while ago (not browsercam), but it was constantly too busy to use. Thanks for the heads up on this one :)!

  • was probably the one that was too busy.

    Thanks Blane! It works great!

  • That mac screenshot tool is amazing. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely get some use out of that until I pony up for a new powerbook.

  • Thanks a ton for the link on the mac screenshots. I never did quite like the other service that was provided a while back…they eventually made you become members…

    let’s hope they don’t run out of bandwidth when more people find out about this service.

  • Only problem with it is the huge resolution it sets your preview at, which doesn’t help me at all. But judging from the looks it is a promising tool.

  • Tim G

    Yes, as charmedlover indicates, the rez is too high. Looks like 1280×1024. A lower rez would give a better idea. That said, very handy.

  • EmptySky

    It’s offline. What a surprise :)

  • It’s offline. What a surprise :)

    That’s not a surprise at all. It’s online for your information. :)

  • Si

    Where’s the article?! There’s nothing there! :(

  • Andy Moss

    I’m guessing the server load was so high that, to reduce the amount of people using it, they’ve taken the post down.

  • ten75

    yep the entry has gone!! try – thats the one i use :)

  • Where is the content of this article? I don’t see anything.

  • something has screwed up!!! ;)

  • brainlesswonder

    I have to say, this article was riveting, poignant, and elegant. Brevity is nice.

    While the screenshots could certainly show what a piece O-crap IE for that make was, they’d still be viewed via crappy PC gamma so in the end, the image will still be tainted.

  • Here is another similar service that lets you see your site in Mac, PC and Linux at varying resolutions and then lets you download the screenshots as a multi-layered photoshop document. I have been using them for a couple of years now:

  • Great link konky2000!