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My good friend Felix in Germany runs a great web site with a fantastic service for developers wanting to see their web sites on a Macintosh using either Safari, IE 5 or Mozilla (Mac Screenshot Service).

I myself do not need that service – working on the OS X platform – but I have picked up some very useful CSS, JavaScript and PHP techniques from his work. includes:

  • CSS Tricks – layout and hover techniques
  • PHP Scripts – a vast number of useful functions and ready-to-go scripts covering a broad array of tasks. I particularly like the MySQL to Excel and Crop Image tips. Felix also includes some excellent methods for working recursively in directories.
  • A PHP mirror function that allows for server to server copying without an FTP service. I used this one myself as I recently needed something of this sort and moved a site with success using his code.

Along with the Mac screenshot service, one can use a Google position tracker, browse a nice online RSS newsreader, and play with colors using a really cool colorpicker showing all possible hues and shades of every color you input using hexidecimal code.

Last but not least – there are some neat JavaScript scripts including a cool real time preview of CSS and HTML code for testing your ideas (preview as you type in the source editor).

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