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Secure Your Online Activity for Life for $59

By SitePoint Offers



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Lifetime VPN

Attention, please. We just discovered the best use of sixty bucks since last weekend’s bottomless Bloody Mary brunch for two. And this one doesn’t even come with a 3pm hangover. Get a lifetime of secure internet access with VPNSecure for $59 at SitePoint Shop.

This deal on VPNSecure gives you lifetime protection when you get online. Use it when you’re on public Wi-Fi and it’ll hide your location, mask your IP address, and encrypt your traffic, keeping hackers away from your browsing activity and personal data. And if you’re traveling, use it to access geo-blocked services like Hulu and Netflix, and binge-watch Gracie and Frankie without restrictions.

Normally $450 for a lifetime subscription, jump on this deal and get VPNSecure for $59.

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