By Matt Mickiewicz

Searching For Link Partners on MSN

By Matt Mickiewicz

MSN has a very cool new feature described at SEOMoz.org that allows you to see whose linking to your competitors but not to you.

For example a search for:

(linkdomain:amazon.com.com linkdomain:bn.com) (-linkdomain:borders.com)

Will provide a list of all sites linking to Amazon.com and BN.com but not to Borders…

This is a great way to find potential link partners, as well as to find areas of the web where your visibility is low compared to your competitors.

  • Geeee

    ohhh I like it so much, now I can see who is not linking to us and contact him to know the reasons trying to make a deal or something and show him my data. It’s some kind of link exchange but easier as you don’t have to search for competitors, you simply spicify the category or the field you are interested and see who is linking to whom and try to be linked too … interesting and helps you to reduce the time of search, I hope they don’t shut it down really

  • I was already using other tools to do similar stuff but this way the best links will be listed on top, great stuff!

  • dreras

    This is very useful. It will definetly cut down on research time. Is there a way do this on any other engine.

  • How effective is the ppc search portal sites, (apart from the big ones like msn, yahoo) that propose website listings with keywords. Some site like http://www.lookgenie.com even offer $25 Signup Bonus for promoting the websites. Whats’s the real catch and how can webmasters take advantage of getting listed and get traffic through ppc search engine advertising.

    Any help is highly appreciated.

  • Indeed very useful. Finds potential link partners easily and saves a lot of precious time.

  • Nice tool to see who links to our competitors website.

  • I would also like to add one more topic in terms of getting links and real traffic apart from ppc search sites. I recently signed up with one of high alexa ranking paidtoclick websites they call it http://goldclix.org. Seems like every member of this particular site is hungry about clicking. I simply got around 687 clicks from the link that I put in their site through my free membership account. Out of 687 clicks 54 clickers ended up buying one of my products.

    Wow!!not bad for getting a free traffic for free.


  • That’s good to know. Thanks.


  • Can someone confirm Please;

    I just heard that google has changed and modified their adsense system and closed hundreds of publishers account who were found to be producing fraud clicks.

    So what’s the new updated system like??


  • Dedicated
  • butternyk

    great way to find potential linkpartners and more

    precises ones

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