Searching and Human-Friendly Links

By Harry Fuecks

Couple of reads;

Via Paul Scrivens: Cal Henderson on Searching with PHP and MySQL – nicely explained with an elegant coding style. See also Search Term Highlighting.

Via Keith: Dirify in PHP – take that title field and make it a URL…

  • OlegButuzov

    BTW, Serge Yacenko, was first who tell true about MT URLs. Thay dont work with rissians chars.

  • MiiJaySung

    Funny you should mention that, brought up a similar article.

    Still, well worth mentioning :-)

  • Benny4ever

    Can anyone give me a clue on how to connect to a remote sybase database(on windows) using php on apache.Pls i need all the configuration steps,i am sure i have the code for connecting to it (ie $con=sybase_connect(ip:port,username,password)
    yet i get the error undefined function call sybase_connect.

    I believe there are gurus and expert here that has the answer,pls help me out.txs


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