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  1. Photoshop Troubleshooting

    A few days ago, I ran into what at first seemed like a major problem: My Photoshop wouldn't start. The initial start-up screen would show up, with various plug-ins, fonts, etc. loading as expected, but instead of the familiar grey background and toolbar/palette configurations... nothing. Besides
  2. Photoshop CS6 Unlocked—Making Wireframes in Photoshop

    SitePoint has just released Photoshop CS6 Unlocked, 101 Tips, Tricks and Techniques -- the second edition of their best-selling book, The Photoshop Anthology. Let's have a look at an excerpt from the book, which shows you how to make website wireframes using Photoshop CS6 .... Apart from pencil
  3. Photoshop Mobile Released

    Well it was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? Adobe have released a mobile version of Photoshop for iPhone and iPod. When I clicked on the link, iTunes opened with the disappointing message that the app is not available in Ireland. It appears to only be available in the U.S. and Canada at the
  4. Getting Started with Photoshop

    Getting Started With Photoshop It doesn’t matter if you are new to the world of graphic design, or you are a photographer and you want to enhance your photos, you will eventually encounter the need to use Adobe Photoshop. Remembering when I first started out, I recall how intimidated I was at all
  5. Twenty Extreme Photoshop Actions

    tweak the details. However, I do enjoy saving valuable design time by using actions that make huge, drastic changes with very little effort. In fact, if extreme Photoshop actions are worth it, I don't mind using them to speed up a design project. For these very reasons, I assembled the following
  6. Screen Mode in Photoshop

    today's topic, because Screen Mode is the opposite of Photoshop's Multiply Mode. Let's start with what Photoshop says: Looks at each channel's color information and multiplies the inverse of the blend and base colors. The result color is always a lighter color. Screening with black leaves the color
  7. Multiply Mode in Photoshop

    Everyone knows that 2 x 2 =4. How about: red x green = ? Well, the answer actually depends on the value (lightness/darkness) of the red and green used, when you're dealing with Multiply Mode in Photoshop. Multiply Mode, according to Photoshop help: Looks at the color information in each channel
  8. Photoshop Blending Modes: Dissolve

    Photoshop has what it calls "Blending Modes." In the Layers palette, these options show up in the drop-down that is usually set to "Normal." You can also set the blending mode (and access more options) by going to the Layer Style dialog box. Many amateur Photoshop users -- myself included -- might
  9. Review: Photoshop 7 Savvy

    With the release of each new version of Photoshop, dozens of "Guides" & "How To's" hit the market. Some are general in nature (for example, how to use types) and some are very specific (such as "Make Amazing Web Graphics in 24 Hours"). Some are exceptional, some
  10. Warping Type In Photoshop

    "Running" will appear to ruffle like a flag in the wind. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the “Away” layer. And there you have it, very simple and fast. Like many effects in Photoshop, moderation is the key, but this is a handy little tool if you want to distort text while still keeping it editable.
  11. Adobe Photoshop Express Launches

    Well, we've known is been in the wings for quite a while, but the beta for Photoshop Express -- Adobe's first online application -- finally touched down this morning. Although they undoubtedly bring a mammoth graphics reputation to the table, they may not have it all their own way as there are
  12. Web Domination Using Photoshop

    If you're familiar with Photoshop, you're probably eager to toy with its many features. In this article, we'll cover some of the basic tasks that Photoshop users should master, such as resizing and rotating documents and layers, working with masks, creating curves and custom shapes, working with
  13. Making silhouettes in Photoshop

    This brief tutorial will go over how to trace and "cut out" an object in Photoshop and create a black silhouette, a la iPod ads. Let's start with this picture I downloaded from (ID - 110035). While the white background makes it easier to cut out, any background with enough contrast
  14. Screencast: Photoshop Starburst Effect

    SitePoint is planning a series of premium video tutorials for web developers. To kick off this effort, and to get some valuable feedback from the community (that's you), we thought we'd start by giving you all a free dose of Photoshop eye candy! There are two versions of the video: one with
  15. Photoshop Web Graphics Tips

    Each week, I’ve been posting some short tips to help you speed up your workflow in Photoshop. Today, I have three tips to help you when creating web graphics. Close Cropping With The Trim Command When you’re designing and creating graphics for the web, often you’ll have to find a compromise
  16. Getting Started with Photoshop

    You've heard of Photoshop, right? Of course you have -- you wouldn't be reading this otherwise! You've probably heard of Photoshop's sidekick, Fireworks, too, but you might not be quite sure of what it does or where it fits in. Photoshop and Fireworks are two of the most commonly used tools in
  17. Photoshop Eyedropper Tips

    Some helpful tips for using the Photoshop Eyedropper... First, if you're using a tool that involves a color (paint brush, paint bucket, vector shape tool, etc.), you can hold down the Alt button (Option for Mac) and the cursor will change into the eyedropper, allowing you to select colors from
  18. Making Complex Selections in Photoshop

    Making precise selections in Photoshop is an essential skill that every designer needs. As a print designer, you will find yourself using selections to remove objects from their background to place within ads. As a web designer, you might extract an image and place it on a website with no