By Harry Fuecks

ScriptServer 0.2

By Harry Fuecks

Just released it here.

Nothing too major in terms of new functionality but fixed the potential security hole (I hope ;)) and it should handle multibyte characters now. Also “layered” the way errors are handled.

Probably the biggest update is the documentation – written with Lyx and converted to XHTML with TeX4ht. Been investigating Lyx as a WSYIYWG tool for docbook – seems promising – another story for some time.

  • MiiJaySung

    Oh, can’t wait to find some time to look into this. Do you have any UML anywhere. I always find a class/sequence diagram handy, like any lazy programmer :)

    Keep up the good work.

  • Do you have any UML anywhere.

    No but got an interesting link recently: Enterprise Architect

    Forward and Reverse Code Engineering for


  • Seinfeld

    I can confirm that, you can Reverse the code using that soft :).
    BTW – Opera 7.60 (BETA)[/URL] now supports XMLHTTPRequest ! (tested on Gmail).
    Great work Harry !

  • Nomadeous

    Great job, harry
    really astonishing and could be very useful in future projects.
    Just a note, (surely not the good place to report bugs), when you call objects methods from your client javascript, you need to use methods names in lowercase.
    Thx for those scripts. :-)

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