Flash Script – DNA Double Helix

By Georgina Laidlaw

Download the sample files here.

1. Create a movieclip from an object as shown below. Give it a instance name "dna1".


2. Create a new layer. We will insert the actions into this layer.

3. The idea is to dulicate the movieclip with a little diversion each time, then apply that diversion again and again.

4. In the first keyframe insert the action:

for (i=2; i<30; i=i+1)  


duplicateMovieClip ("/dna1", "dna" add (i), i);  

setProperty ("/dna" add i, _rotation, getProperty("/dna"  
add (i-1), _rotation)+11);  

setProperty ("/dna" add i, _x, getProperty("/dna"  
add (i-1), _x)+10);  


setProperty ("/dna1", _visible, "0");

5. In the second keyframe, insert the action:

for(i=2; i < 30; i = i+1)  

{ setProperty ("/dna" add i, _rotation, getProperty("/dna"  
add i, _rotation) + 5);  


6. In the third keyframe use the action

gotoAndPlay (2); 

7. Play the movie: you will get the effect shown above!

  • http://jamesbonn.us James Bonn

    Thanks for the tips & how-to stuff.
    I have been working on computers since 1963(Fortranpunch cards).

    I retired a few years ago andnow find myself messing around with an old copy of Flash MX that I have.have to get back into this.



    It’s fun. I may



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