Free Screencast: Getting Started with CSS3 Animation

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Does this sound familiar?

You’ve seen enough, say, CSS3 animation examples (or maybe transitions, or sibling selector demos or whatever) to understand the basic idea, but just need someone to quickly run through the code with you when it comes time to use it?

Well, that’s EXACTLY what Jumpcasts are about. Five to 10-minute crash courses designed to help you get your head around one specific CSS property.

CSS3 animation is first out of the gate. In part 1, we’re going to look at the basic syntax.

CSS3 Animation Part 1

Everyone is welcome to play with the live example here.

[youtube IirngItQuVs 640 360]

In part 2, we’ll use it in a more developed example, and then run through the browser support landscape.

CSS3 Animation Part 2

The live traffic light example is here.
[youtube eo1y00Z3hE8 640 360]

I already have a few more in mind, but is there anything you think we definitely need to cover like this?


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