ScatterBug Command Panel for Flash MX 2004

By sgrosvenor

Well, I got tired of duplicating MC instances and altering their opacity at the same time a long time ago, so I thought I’d knock up a quickie panel for duplication and opacity control, which takes a single MC and duplicates it according to your selections within the panel.

Note: Please create a new Flash document and paste the MC that you wish to duplicate into the first frame, then execute the command, as there can be a lot of duplicates!

If you find any issues, then feel free to use the panel on the left to send me feedback and I’ll get them fixed

Download ScatterBug Panel for Flash MX 2004 >>

  • http://thehazel.com/board TheHazelOp

    This is going to be a very usefull tool. A Timesaver a least. A lot of animations that are proven to be professional looking cannot be produced by external software (ex. anime fx, text animators etc.) they must be produced by hand in flash. Well at least i know from my personal viewings projects that techinques are time consuming.

    So Big Thanks To The Developer. If some deverlpers could get permission to play with the code would be neat to see what arrises from it.

    Thanks Again Steve Grosvenor.

    Nathan G.
    Site Point Guru
    Ceo http://www.FlashDesignWar.Com & http://www.DesignerBeat.Com


  • Gal Yona

    It looks cool!



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