Save 94% on a Seven-Course Data Mastery Bundle

Save 94% on a seven-course data mastery bundle

Add data management and analytics skills to your resume, and you’re on your way to a lucrative career in a field that’s growing every day. Want in? Get started with the Essential Data Mastery Bundle. We’ve got it for just $39 at SitePoint Shop, saving you 94%.

This bundle includes seven courses that’ll help you master the ins and outs of extract, manipulating, managing, and analyzing data. Get a handle on essential database systems and technologies like MongoDB, SQL, MySQL, MapReduce, Hadoop, and PostgreSQL. The courses are packed with hands-on projects that give you real experience you can feel confident about when applying to jobs. And you’ll learn how to save time while doing more by automating tasks.

Start a new career and be first in line for a promotion. Get the Essential Data Mastery Bundle for $39 at SitePoint Shop.