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Save 30% on the Award-Winning AluPen Digital Stylus

By SitePoint Offers

AluPen Digital Stylus

Constantly switching back and forth between pen and paper for notes and doodles and your phone for…well, pretty much everything else? Meet your new favorite gadget: the AluPen digital stylus is just $34.95.

There’s no Bluetooth connection required and no complicated setup—just twist the stylus to start using it. It glides just as smoothly as pen on paper, making it easy to scribble and sketch just like you normally would. And it’ll even save battery with an auto-sleep feature that kicks in after the stylus has been idle for three minutes. No wonder the AluPen was given “The Best iPad Stylus Award” by iLounge last year.

Ditch the pen and paper and grab the AluPen stylus for $34.95 at SitePoint Shop.



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