Sasser from a business development perspective

By Andrew Neitlich

I hope most of you are treating Sasser as an opportunity to build relationships with clients/prospects by warning them about it, showing them how to protect themselves, and helping them avoid it.

Get the word out now via email and/or phone calls to your clients and prospects. Be sure to give them the information they need to know their risk and reduce it.

It will pay off down the road — and give you one more reason to stay on the top of their mind.

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  • Mathieu

    Ofcourse, you risk offending them. Even if they didn’t have a clue on how to protect themselves. How do you pick who to send to?

  • http://www.DanielGWilliams.com MissingArrow

    I like to send out a message talking about what I have done to protect our servers from the “virus/threat in the news”, to reassure them that we take this stuff seriously. Then I include links on how to protect / check for it.

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