By Kevin Yank

Safari wins the Acid2 race (official)

By Kevin Yank

Apple’s Safari is the first officially-released browser to pass the notorious Acid2 test, which rakes browsers over the coals of obscure CSS standards compliance and error handling. The just-released version 2.0.2 of the browser, included in the Mac OS X 10.4.3 update from Apple, includes Acid2 compliance on its extensive list of fixes.

The iCab and Konqueror browsers have also boasted Acid2 compliance, but they have yet to officially release a version with these fixes in place. iCab 3.0 beta, which supports Acid2, is available for public download, however; as is KDE 3.5 Beta 2, which includes a recent build of Konqueror that supports Acid2.

  • Pepejeria

    I wonder if Safari 1.3 will also get this update…

  • Amazing! Good thing I did not bet on who’d win the race … at least we all know who will be last :)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what the criteria is for ‘passing’ the acid test, but, the latest version of Safari renders the nose smaller than the reference image.


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  • Andrew, from the comments in the list of fixes:

    The specifics of the nose size depend on undefined behavior, as also noted by Opera. Both renderings are considered correct, according to the author of the test.

    In other words, when it comes to the nose, the CSS specification does not dictate which is correct: the reference rendering or Safari 2.0.2’s rendering — so both are considered correct.

  • Pepejeria
  • How ironic. The Safari browser, on an operating system with about a 3% market share passes the Acid2 test.

    IE, with an 80%+ market share can’t pass the Acid0.0001 test. Ugh.

    Just imagine how nice life would be for us web developers if all browsers were standards compliant???

  • Opera 9 is also quite close to passing, and I’m sure that the Mozilla team is working on it too. If these two finish, then IE will be left as the only one. :p

  • Pepejeria

    IE 7 wont pass the acid2 test, that is for sure. It hasn’t even been released and we already know that it will be behind in many things compared to other browsers. Like SVG and Canvas support (now also in Opera).

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  • Lira

    Just imagine how nice life would be for us web developers if all browsers were standards compliant???

    Well, at least now there’s some discussion about standards, which didn’t seem to happen a while ago. This is already one good step forward.

    Although sometimes I wish we could recycle the internet: for a minute, we would go back to Tim Berners-Lee first page – no fancy colour schemes whatsoever – and then we could start from scratch.

    That would be fun.

  • How sad for Opera since they only had one more bug to fix…

  • Anonymous

    I had my money on Safari so now whrer do I collect ? Great job by Apple getting this done first!

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