Russian Kettle Bells and marketing services

Andrew Neitlich

Tonight at my boxing class we had a guest trainer, who introduced us to a fitness program based on Russian Kettle Bells. These weight-like things have been used in Russia for hundreds of years, and are becoming a bit of a trend in the US fitness circuits.

What does this have to do with you and marketing? Everything.

First, this trainer figured out a way to get a full hour of class, with a captive audience of people interested in fitness. The owner of the boxing gym wanted to bring him in, as a benefit to members. Meanwhile, the trainer got a full hour of exposure to his program.

Second, we got a free trial, during which time we got a terrific sense of this guy’s credibility and the value he could add. Kettle bells look kind of silly compared to today’s “modern” fitness equipment and programs. But by trying it out, we quickly saw the value of this kind of fitness.

Third, he had us sign a couple of forms — a waiver and medical history. Now he has our contact info and can follow up to see if we want more training.

Fourth, he is a walking advertisement for his services. His truck has his company name and a cool logo, with a phone number. He wears a kettle bell t-shirt. His kettle bells have his company name on them. He is branding his stuff.

The only thing he didn’t do was make some sort of offer to keep in touch with us — like a video program, a catalog of kettle bells, or an offer for personal training.

But this type of marketing is called a “joint promotion” — where you get a trusted opinion leader (my boxing instructor) to endorse your services.

We loved it. Frankly, I needed a break from all that punching.

This applies to any service business. For instance, I used this type of approach when I got a local bank to sponsor my seminars for their clients. They provided a value-add service to their clientele, and I got to show people my content. I didn’t make a blatant pitch for my services, but plenty of people contacted me afterwards.

Can you see direct applications of this strategy to your business?