By Harry Fuecks

Running PHP4 and PHP5 in parallel

By Harry Fuecks

A roundup of links on how to run PHP4 and PHP5 on the same server;

– Via PHPKitchen: Running PHP 4 and PHP 5 Concurrently

John Coggeshall explains, using two Apache instances, Apache’s mod_proxy and a virtual host.

– Via Planet PHP: PHP5 CGI parallel to PHP4 module on Windows

Urs Gehrig explains. This is probably about the quickest and easiest way to get them running together. Of course PHP as a CGI is not quite the same as an Apache module, performance / $_SERVER variable-wise. Urs also has a handy page of links on PHP5 Installation and related here.

– Via Bitflux: How to run PHP4 and PHP 5 parallel

Tobias Schlitt explains how to get both running as apache modules under Linux.

Any more?

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