RubySource: Rails Deep Dive: Application Setup, Loccasions

By Glenn Goodrich

Up to this point in the Rails Deep Dive series, we’ve focused on digging down into the entrails of the framework, attempting to uncover some of the ways that Rails accomplishes its magic. Going forward, I want to create a Rails 3.1 application, focusing on how I would setup up the application, perform the development, and deploy the application. I think the series will benefit from having a specific goal in mind. Our application will be called Loccasions .

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RubySource: Rails Deep Dive: Application Setup, Loccasions

Glenn Goodrich
Meet the author
Glenn works for Skookum Digital Works by day and manages the SitePoint Ruby channel at night. He likes to pretend he has a secret identity, but can't come up with a good superhero name. He's settling for "Roob", for now.

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