RubySource: Exit, Exit, Abort, Raise … Get Me Outta Here!

By Jesse Storimer

Exit, Stage Left. Every time you enter an irb session, boot a ruby script, or run a test runner you’re starting up a process. This goes for anything on your system, not just Ruby code. For instance, the same is true for shell commands like grep , cat , or tail. We spend lots of time and effort talking about the proper way to write code and ensure that it executes efficiently, but what about how it leaves its mark on the world?

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RubySource: exit, exit!, abort, raise…Get Me Outta Here!

Meet the author
Jesse Storimer is a programmer and author. Employed as a Senior Developer at Shopify, Inc., he also stays up late at night to self-publish books about system programming for Ruby developers. He writes a blog at and can almost always be found spending time with his wife and two daughters when afk.

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