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RubySource: Creating Your First Gem

By John McAliley



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You see gems everywhere in the Ruby world. They are the backbone of just about every Ruby app out there. I’ll admit that I was a bit intimidated the first time I tried to create a gem, but I soon found out that it’s dead simple.

See the article here:
RubySource: Creating Your First Gem

My name is John McAliley. I try to develop good software and try to help others by sharing my experiences and answering questions. For the last few years I have been blogging about Ruby and Rails at Currently, I am co-owner of, an online coupon database and, which provides interactive geographic heatmaps for longitude/latitude data. I used to be a Java developer for several large corporations and I am glad that is behind me. I am a fan of agile methods. And yes, I am a recovering cowboy coder.

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