Holger Schmitz, Nov 29

Build a Basic CRUD App with Angular and Node

In this tutorial, you will be developing a simple Angular single page app with a REST backend, based on Node and Express.
SitePoint Team, Nov 26

Cyber Monday: Elegant Themes Offers 25% OFF in Biggest Discount Ever

Little gems hidden in an array of Cyber Monday details are easy to miss.
James Hibbard, Nov 26

jQuery setTimeout() Function Examples

James Hibbard explains how the jQuery and JavaScript function setTimeout() works, and gives examples and links to further reading.
Olayinka Omole, Nov 23

Quick Tip: How to Sort an Array of Objects in JavaScript

Olayinka Omole shows you how to dynamically sort an array of objects in JavaScript, using Array.prototype.sort() and a custom compare function.
Craig Buckler, Nov 22

Getting Started with Error Tracking

Writing code can be fun. Testing is another matter. Errors can still slip into the best production code. How can you detect those issues?
Tonino Jankov, Nov 21

How to Build a WordPress Theme from Scratch: Final Steps

In this article, Tonino completes his foray into building a WordPress theme from scratch, focusing on refining templates, adding meta information, post thumbnails, sidebars, user-friendly controls and more.
Yaphi Berhanu, Nov 20

Quick Tip: Get URL Parameters with JavaScript

Yaphi Berhanu shows how to parse the query string and retrieve URL parameters using only vanilla JavaScript. 
John Fairhurst, Nov 20

Jumpstart Your Business by Being Smart

Ben Strickland explains how to be smart when starting a business, discussing how much time to invest, how to avoid failure with research, and how to know your customer by interviewing, talking with them, and building relationships with them.
Tonino Jankov, Nov 19

How to Build a WordPress Theme from Scratch: the Basics

This second part on creating a WordPress theme from scratch shows how to create a very basic WordPress theme, add in Bootstrap styles and scripts, separate header and footer output into their respective partials, and leverage the crucial functions.php file.
Angela Phung, Nov 16

Get to Know the Winners of the Alibaba Cloud Competition

As you may have seen, we’ve recently partnered with Alibaba Cloud to find the best tips and tutorials for making the most out of Alibaba Cloud Services.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Nov 13

Fonts and Colors Used by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + More

A cheatsheet of the fonts and colors used by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Messenger, Snapchat, and YouTube, with links to official brand assets.
Tom Ewer, Nov 13

Developing a WordPress REST API App: Getting Started

This introductory article is part one in a tutorial series taking non-technical users through the building of a WordPress REST API app using React.
Tonino Jankov, Nov 13

How to Build a WordPress Theme from Scratch: First Steps

Tonino introduces WordPress themes, showing how they work, how they’re structured, the PHP architecture behind them, and other relevant information, as the first step in learning how to build a WordPress theme from scratch.
Martin Tumusiime, Nov 12

How to Deploy and Host a Joomla Website on Alibaba Cloud ECS

This guide will walk you through setting up and deploying a Joomla! website on an Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance with Ubuntu 16.04.
Maria Antonietta Perna, Nov 11

Five Techniques to Lazy Load Images for Website Performance

Maria Antonietta Perna highlights the benefits of lazy loading images on websites and shows five approaches to implement lazy loading for your website.
Natalie Harris-Briggs, Nov 09

6 Ways to Bring Your Development Team Together with Technology

Are you looking for better ways of bringing the team together? Would you benefit from an arsenal of tools that facilitate team working?
Ghulam Qadir, Nov 09

How to Install Cockpit on Ubuntu 18.04

In this tutorial, we will be installing Cockpit on an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance with Ubuntu 18.04.
Derek Wang, Nov 07

Best Practices of Web Application Hosting in Alibaba Cloud

This document intends to provide practical solutions and best practices when it comes to scaling your web application on Alibaba Cloud.
Tonino Jankov, Nov 06

An Introductory Guide to Managing WordPress with WP-CLI

Tonino Jankov introduces WP-CLI, a command-line interface for managing a WordPress site (as opposed to working through the default admin interface), covering its main commands and also introducing some of its third-party packages.
Tonino Jankov, Nov 05

Using the WordPress Settings API to Build a Custom Admin Page

Tonino Jankov introduces the WordPress Settings API, and showing how to create a WordPress administration page to demonstrate the use of this API. In this article, he shows how to wrap this functionality into a plugin, though it can also be a part of a WordPress theme.
Sufyan bin Uzayr, Nov 02

Three Ways to Create Your Own WordPress Theme

Sufyan bin Uzayr provides a bird's-eye view of three basic ways to approach building your own WordPress theme, covering child themes, adapting existing themes, and building a theme from scratch, as well as how to use basic starter themes and theme frameworks to speed up your workflow.
Liptan Biswas, Nov 01

My Best Practices for Deploying a Web Application on Alibaba Cloud

In this article, I want to share the best practices I use when deploying a web application to Alibaba Cloud.
David Banham, Oct 31

Statically Compiled Go on Alibaba Cloud Container Service

A succinct tutorial on statically compiling a Go program, and using Docker to containerize and distribute it.
Ahmed Bouchefra, Oct 30

Building a WordPress Plugin with Vue

Ahmed Bouchefra shows how to create a WordPress plugin that makes use of the Vue.js library, creating a shortcode that can be used to display a Vue component in posts and pages that fetches and displays the latest posts every five seconds.