Darko Gjorgjievski, Jun 16

Ruby Error Handling, Beyond the Basics

Darko Gjorgjievski takes you beyond the simple tutorials about Ruby error handling to the next level.
Vasu K, Jun 11

What's New in Rails 5

Vasu K takes you through the changes and improvements coming in Rails 5. Changes to API work, turbolinks, and testing are all included.
Dhaivat Pandya, Jun 08

Julia for Rubyists: Crunch Those Numbers

Dhaivat Pandya takes a tour through Julia, a language aimed a scientific computing, through the lens of the Ruby developer.
Nihal Sahu, Jun 05

The Ruby Community: An Introduction

Nihal Sahu reports his findings on his first year in Ruby and what he discovered about the Ruby Community. Jump start your Ruby introduction.
Glenn Goodrich, Jun 03

Rails Application Templates in the Real World

Glenn Goodrich walks through the creation of a Rails Application Template for a real JSON API. The template covers a log of info, such as JSON and Docker.
Fred Heath, Jun 01

Algorithmic Fun with Ruby Hashes

Fred Heath walks through some common programming problems using Ruby Hashes as the solution.
Vasu K, May 28

Build Custom User Analytics with Parse

If you need to track custom analytics, Parse is a perfect option. Vasu K shows you how to use Parse to track user analytics from Rails and javascript.
Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, May 25

CanCanCan: The Rails Authorization Dance

Ilya Bodrov moves from authentication to authorization in Rails, covering CanCanCan, the premier authorization gem in the Rails ecosystem.
Dhaivat Pandya, May 22

Graph Algorithms in Ruby

Dhaivat Pandya reveals two basic graph algorithms: depth first and breadth first. He walks through their definition, then implements each one in Ruby.
Jesse Herrick, May 20

Authenticating with Google

Jesse Herrick walks through using Google, Device, and OmniAuth to get authentication working for your Rails app in no time.
Benjamin Tan Wei Hao, May 18

10 Killer Tmux Tips

Benjamin Tan Wei Hao takes your Tmux-fu to the next level with 10 excellent tips about improving your dev with Tmux.
Glenn Goodrich, May 14

Optimizing Ruby Logging for Faster Debugging and Problem-Solving

SitePoint's Glenn Goodrich explains how to incorporate Loggly into your Rails logging and make debugging and problem-solving simple.
Richard Schneeman, May 11

How Ruby Uses Memory

Richard Schneeman explains how Ruby uses memory, running through various examples and methods. This information is something every Ruby dev should know.
Abder-Rahman Ali, May 07

Ruby on Medicine: Substitution in Multiple Files

A. Hasan writes the 4th entry in Ruby on Medicine, focused on solving problems in medicine with Ruby. In this post, it's substitution across multiple files.
Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, May 04

Steam-Powered DOTA on Rails

Ilya Bodrov dives into the Steam API to authenticate and retrieve match data for DOTA. This is a very interesting foray into a different API.
Vasu K, Apr 30

Stripe Subscriptions in Rails

Vasu K walks through how to setup a subscription-based service using Stripe in Rails. Subscription plans are notoriously hard to setup, but this is easy.
Imran Latif, Apr 27

Ruby's Important Hook Methods

Imran Latif explores Ruby's most important hook methods. Learn what these methods are and how Ruby's favorite gems are using them.
Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, Apr 23

Rails Authentication with OAuth 2.0 and OmniAuth

Ilya Bodrov continues the Authentication in Rails series, covering OmniAuth and OAuth 2.0. Ilya configures Twitter, Facebook, and other providers.
Benjamin Tan Wei Hao, Apr 20

Ru: Ruby in Your Shell

Benjamin Tan Wei Hao explores Ru, a utility that bring Ruby to the command line. Benjamin runs through several examples of using Ruby to make CLI tasks easy.
Dhaivat Pandya, Apr 16

RethinkDB in Ruby: Map Reduce and Joins

Dhaivat Pandya continues exploring RethinkDB in Ruby, focusing on Map Reduce and Table Joins. See how RethinkDB takes a complex map reduce and makes it easy
Jesse Herrick, Apr 13

Jekyll on Rails

Jesse Herrick combines Jekyll, the most popular static-site generator, with Rails, the most popular dynamic site framework. Use the right tool for the job.
Richard Schneeman, Apr 09

Why is Rubygems Slow?

Richard Schneeman dives into what really happens when you install a Ruby gem. The post is deep and illuminating and will teach you something about gems.
Jonathan Cutrell, Apr 06

Build Monitoring Widgets with Ruby and BitBar

Jonathan Cutrell brings explores BitBar, a free app that allows you to put scriptable output in your MacOS X menu bar. JC uses Ruby to make two cool widgets
Abder-Rahman Ali, Apr 02

Ruby on Medicine: Hunting For The Gene Sequence

Continuing the Ruby on Medicine series, Abder-Rahman Ali introduces how to use regular expressions to search through a large file to find the gene sequence.