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By Tara Hornor

16 Awesome Vector Packs for Creepy Halloween Illustrations

By Tara Hornor

It’s that time of year when all the creepy-crawly and scary graphics start digging themselves out of their shallow graves! This collection of vectors are perfect for designing your creepy project. We’ve pulled together trees, splatters, bugs, and even skeletons. All are free to use and we even have the download links right here; just be sure to check out the owners’ terms of use. Enjoy!

Creepy Trees

Source | Download

Tree Silhouettes

Source | Download

Vector Trees

Source | Download

Ink Splatters

Source | Download


Source | Download

Insects Set

Source | Download

71 Insects

Source | Download

Spooky Pack

Source | Download

Skeletons and Skulls

Source | Download

Halloween Vector Art Pack

Source | Download

Halloween Pumpkin Vector

Source | Download

Halloween Witch Vector

Source | Download

Free Halloween Vectors

Source | Download

Happy Halloween Vector

Source | Download

Skull and Bones Vector Pattern

Source | Download

Hand Drawn Spooky Halloween Pattern

Source | Download

  • awesome resources, not for Halloween only… :) thx

    • Exactly…they are great for any design that needs an edge. :)

    • Ah! Can’t believe I didn’t grab any of these on Vecteezy. These halloween vectors are great! Thanks for sharing this resource.

  • Anonymous

    Loving the trees! Thanks for the Halloween shares!

    • I absolutely love creepy trees! Glad you enjoyed them too.

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  • Rick Feit

    Great collection, these would come in handy in making any Halloween Poster or Flyer.  

  • Thanks for this great collection, they are all fantastic..I have downloaded the first one for a post card..

  • Alexander Stepanets

    Your collection are awesome, thank you Tara! :)

  • amazing pack! thansk for sharing

  • Tara

    Great list.  I really like the first pumpkin set and the black and white tree with birds.



  • Every year I always mean to give a touch of halloween to my personal website, but I always leave it too late! I’ll never get around to it now annoyingly. I might download a few of these ready for next year though…

    • I know what you mean…I feel like every holiday comes up on me too fast. Good idea, though, about saving some of these for next year!

  • Good collection. thanks.

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