By Andrew Neitlich

Rolling with the punches

By Andrew Neitlich

This is just a blog post to let you know that some days really stink, and there’s not much you can do about it.

As I wake up today, I see that I sent out a newsletter today with an advertisement to one of my books. But my shoppingcart subscription also expired today (nice of them to notify me!). So I lost who knows how many potential customers.

A supplier for products in China has pushed back delivery dates by 2 weeks AND raised prices on me, costing me both orders and profits.

And a third site I have is just not coming together as fast as I would like.

Finally, a business partner is promising me some additional consulting work, but the timing keeps getting pushed back. And a consulting engagement I thought I had seems to be petering out.

So it’s a good day to take a deep breath and practice resilience.

There are even “gurus” who look at resilience and people’s ability to bounce back from obstacles as a sign of success. See for instance the book Adversity Quotient.

I hope your day is going better than mine….

  • Red Ferret

    Man. I feel you. Thanks for this – my day in South Africa yesterday was not much different and knowing it is not just you makes it all a little easier to bear.

  • This will be the second South African post here and unfortunately it’s also a little moan.

    Andrew, if it makes you feel better, if you stayed in South Africa, it is cheaper and faster to fly to Hong Kong and download 100GB than to use our monopolistic telecommunications pathetic excuse for DSL offerings.

    We also pay the highest banking fees in the world and I believe the second place was about 150% less than us. No wonder our biggest (ripoff) bank have just been bought by Barclays. Their profits are phenominal.

    I hope that cheered you up… if not, I have more, but need to get back to work… you know, banks to pay DSL line costs to cover… food/clothing comes second :(

  • I think something is just in the air today, seriously. We’ve got a file server down that’s causing Photoshop to hang for all of the designers, we can’t get any work done. We released some files that were tested well internally but broke the whole site, and on and on. It’s not us — something is just in the air. If we can get through today, things will be good.

  • Yup, my week isn’t that great too. But I think today is better than tomorrow.
    I’m more rich than next week (just joking)

    Andrew, look it this way: at least you are in charge of your own problems. You can do whatever you want with them, is your choice, and that my friend, is just great. Having the bless of controling your life, even if right now it don’t look that way you know that you are in total control of what is happening to you.

    Isn’t that great? Is the kind of life that most of the people out there want to live. Enjoy.

  • In contrast, I had been slowly drowning in apprehension and then despair since Sunday when my cable Internet went out and over yesterday as it became apparent that the underground (and under-road) line from the pole to my building was bad. The best patch job that two line techs could manage gave only fuzzy tv and no Internet. It was supposed to be 4-6 weeks to get the ground dug up and the line replaced. I ordered DSL, but it was supposed to take 2 weeks to setup. (I use Vonage and have no regular phone line at all, so couldn’t even fall back to dialup.)

    Then this afternoon, I was blessed to be visited by that rarest of creatures, a super-competent technician. He saw what the other techs had done wrong in seconds, got my Internet working in minutes, and then made it just a bit better. Then he started the process to expedite the line replacement. So as of now, I’m pretty darn happy.

    Carl Thompson, Line Technician for Comcast in Maryland, I want anyone who googles your name to know what good work you do.

  • Sarah

    Andrew, your day/week makes perfect sense. Mercury, the planet of communications is in Retrograde as of yesterday. What does this mean? It means that all things technical are most likely to break and communications to break-down during this period. Only 2 weeks to go.

  • ikeo

    God it feels good to know I’m not alone.
    To get it off my chest …
    I have a project I’m working on where the client keeps making these little irritating changes to the design for the website … Its not much but its enough to take up 30 minutes of my life for each request as I email and call back and forth to clarify what he needs etc. I’m still a small timer so I have to just grin and bear it.

    Another one is work I’m doing (in exchange for ownership of part of the company … which really means I’m essentially working for free) Its one of my more interesting jobs, but the owner keeps putting in all these requests for all these flashy features and getting irritated when I can’t find the time to work on them. The truth is that I feel very under appreciated and unwilling to go the extra mile to do the work.
    Am I behaving like a spoiled kid? Even though I am supposed to own part of the company, nothing has been signed and even if there were a contract, I am still working for free. I’d just like to get a pat on the back now and then …

    Yesterday was pretty bad (more things than I can go into here), but today is better. I’m taking an ASP.NET course and I was supposed to have a test today. But I’ve fallen behind in the course and the professor had the goodness of heart to let me take it on Monday. Gas prices are down to $2.19 here (Austin, TX) and hopefully I can finish up the week strong.

    Whew …
    Thanks for the therapy session Andrew! :)

  • Looks like this has turned into a gripe session ;)

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