By Andrew Neitlich

Rolling with the punches

By Andrew Neitlich
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This is just a blog post to let you know that some days really stink, and there’s not much you can do about it.

As I wake up today, I see that I sent out a newsletter today with an advertisement to one of my books. But my shoppingcart subscription also expired today (nice of them to notify me!). So I lost who knows how many potential customers.

A supplier for products in China has pushed back delivery dates by 2 weeks AND raised prices on me, costing me both orders and profits.


And a third site I have is just not coming together as fast as I would like.

Finally, a business partner is promising me some additional consulting work, but the timing keeps getting pushed back. And a consulting engagement I thought I had seems to be petering out.

So it’s a good day to take a deep breath and practice resilience.

There are even “gurus” who look at resilience and people’s ability to bounce back from obstacles as a sign of success. See for instance the book Adversity Quotient.

I hope your day is going better than mine….

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